Audrey Seda

Anchor Hope Films

Pine Manor

Director and producer for Emmy nominated documentary short "Photovoltaic"
Anchor Hope Films is a Seattle based production company that works with companies like APM Music, and Nightingale Music Productions.
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Voices of Expression

Astronaut's Love Letter


Voice of Expression was my Senior Capstone project. The prompt was an open-ended case study on a topic of importance to myself. This campaign's purpose is to raise awareness to the importance of self-expression in how it's key to forming one’s identity. The goal is to inspire young people to embrace themselves through means of finding their voice. This content is a series recorded interviews that give personal accounts and responses to self-expression. 
Seattle Based indie/pop artist, songwriter and guitarist who goes by Astronaut's Love Letter.
Frequency is a visual radio app. This app collects various articles from different sources relating to the arts and funnels them into an app geared towards creatives. Each frequency channel has sub-genres for specific interests. This gives the oppertunity to get firmiliar with what is going on in those communities.

Expanse Conference

Talem Backpacks

Expanse is an Industrial Design conference designated to help young professionals and recent graduates find their footing and expand their horizon gain experience, knowledge and connection to the real world of industrial design.
TALEM was part of Seattle Pacific University's "Branded" event. This 12 hour branding event brought two teams together to create a brand for the business student's Social Venture Plan. TALEM is a student business plan in which would employ homeless youth by hiring them to help manufacture urban style backpacks. Profit goes back into funding more employees to put an end to homelessness.