Project Description

TALEM was part of Seattle Pacific University's "Branded" event. This 12 hour branding event brought two teams together to create a brand for the business student's Social Venture Plan. TALEM is a student business plan in which would employ homeless youth by hiring them to help manufacture urban style backpacks. Profit goes back into funding more employees to put an end to homelessness. 


The goal of this project was to create a brand for a business proposal with the intention of employing homeess youth in Washington State. The brand and its guidelines should reflect the conversation and business being represented.


Click image below for project process.

Final Product

Final Thought

Through the process of making this business plan come to life, I had a great learning experience when it came to teamwork and knowing what it takes to make something happen in such a short amount of time. Initially not knowing over half the team was really beneficial as well. Bringing in many different personality types and creating an enviroment where everyone felt like they were heard and made a contribution was something we focused on. Ultimately, this format paid off in the end and our final presentation was a success.