Frequency app

Project Description

Frequency is a visual radio app. This app collects various articles from different sources relating to the arts and funnels them into an app geared towards creatives. Each frequency channel has sub-genres for specific interests. This gives the oppertunity to get firmiliar with what is going on in those communities.


The goal of this app is to create an informative and energetic source of media that funnels through this platform and weeds out all of the content that artists aren't looking for. People get to read what they want to read without being bombarded with every other kind of article.


Click image below for project process.

Final Product

Final Thought

This app design was a bit different the first time around. I decided to recreate this app in a way which would cause me to use it. It was a challenging process to unsubscribe from all the ideas I had prior to the reboot, but I believe that it was a successful outcome. 
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